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Here are a few of my favorite highlights.

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One-Woman Show

Award-Winning Show On Tour Now

Written and performed by Valoneecia Tolbert
Directed by Florinda Bryant



Introducing "Tales of a Blerd Ballerina: A Hilarious and Honest Journey of Self-Awareness Through the 90's" - a must-see comedy show that will have you rolling with laughter and reminiscing about the good ol' days of Aqua-Net, Sol-Glo, and CD players. Join us as we follow the playwright's uproarious journey of self-discovery, acceptance, and breaking generational curses, all while grooving with a smooth glisser to the iconic sounds of the 90s. Don't miss out on this side-splitting
performance that will leave you bopping to the beat and laughing and crying at life's flaws. 

Premonition Promotional Movie Poster 9.2


Catherine Hardin

Directors:  Mahalia Jackson-Butler

& Kirtana Banskota

Writers: Mahalia Jackson-Butler

Brian W. Smith

Writers: Mahalia Jackson-Butler

& Brian W. Smith

Camilla Hardin lives a sheltered life. However, her predictable life takes a turn for the worse when she envisions being abducted and murdered. The question is, who will believe her premonition?

*Now Streaming on all major platforms

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Nubia , Grail , Turtledove and Dr Sarah Charles

DC Universe Online is a free-to-play action combat massively multiplayer online game set in the fictional universe of DC Comics.

Playing several characters, Valoneecia really gets to play from the Glorious twin sister of Wonder Woman- Nubia,  Darkside's spawn, the God Destroyer: Grail

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